About company

Who are we?

The Travels Group group of companies for tourism is a group specialized in the field of international tourism and was established in 2016 with license number 400178393 and has gained the trust of customers over the years and preference among other companies and also gained the trust of all international hotel chains and resorts that contract with it, such as the Sheraton complex, the Hilton group, Marriott and others. In 2019, it was able to achieve reservations for more than 2,000 Saudi and Gulf customers, which gave us distinction and price contracts that are the best ever. It owns 5 companies specialized in the field of tourism, real estate investment, and businessmen services.

  1. Georgia Travels (Georgia State)
  2. Smile Travels (Georgia State)
  3. Happy Traveler (Georgia)
  4. Azerbaijan Travels (Azerbaijan State)

Our international relationship

She started her commercial activity in the state of Georgia in the main branch located in the city of Tbilisi, the capital, and started her career in the field of entrepreneurship and obtained many international awards in the field of tourism. In Georgia, the Embassy of the State of Qatar in Georgia, the Embassy of the State of Egypt in Armenia, and the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Georgia.

Our goal

We work to provide the highest standards of tourism services for families and honeymooners, as well as investment services and businessmen with complete integrity and transparency. We strive to always be the favorite of our customers under the slogan (We are at your service 24 hours a day, seven days a week). This slogan made us distinguish from others and motivated us to always win the trust of our customers

Company services

  1. Comprehensive tourist packages to and from the airport
  2. Reservations of hotels, resorts and cottages
  3. Tourist limousine rental with a private driver
  4. flight reservations
  5. International travel insurance
  6. Special packages for the honeymoon
  7. Businessmen Services
  8. Establishing companies
  9. Projects Management


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